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Pickle Barrel Restoration 2011-2012

A photo gallery showing the progress of the Pickle Barrel House restoration, started in October 2011 and slated to be finished in late Spring, 2012.

The Pickle Barrel House Museum, a beloved landmark in Grand Marais!
Restoration work, 1969
Restoration work, 1969.
Restoration work, 1969.
The area facing the street corner had the worst damage, due to the rain dripping off the roof.
This southeast side of the building sustained the most damage.
In one area, the staves had rotted through.
The inside didn\'t look very pretty, either.  This wall next to the front door leaked when it rained.  The damage was evident.
Water had seeped into the staves along the edges through micro-fractures in the paint and caulk.
David and his friend George Powell, an expert at boat restoration, began removing the worst of the staves to assess the total damage.
Inaddition to these staves, the lower windows in the large barrel had rotted as well, and the frames had to be removed.
The damage inside the building was evident.
Damage along the southeast wall, next to the door.
Meet Ella, our restoration mascot!  Ella is 6 months old and a perfect lady.  George Powell is her owner, or maybe it\'s the other way around!
But now that we know what the issues are, we can fix them once and for all.  Blue skies ahead!
David created an ingenious steam bending box for the new staves, which are 2 inch thick milled white pine.
The exact curvature of the staves was calculated by computer design software.
This stave has been bent in the steam box.
David shows the curvature of a completed stave.  This stave is ready to be cut to fit where needed.
The stave maintains the same amount of deviation no matter where it is measured.
In order to splice in a new stave section, George chiseled a steep, long edge along the good wood that was left.
After chiseling, the surface must be sanded smooth.
Meanwhile, David constructed a shelter to cover the area that will need the most repair.
Part of this fall\'s work includes stripping the inside of the staves so the wood can dry out over the winter.
The first replacement staves have been installed.
George shows a replacement stave section, ready to install.  Note the exact curve and the steeply tapered end.
A close up of the tapered end of the replacement stave section.
Some of the original oil finish was uncovered, as well as layers of bright yellow, silver, white, orange, and brown paint.

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